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Hot Tub Repair Erie, PA

George Winston Hot Tubs Eerie PA

Hot tubs are meant to be a fun and relaxing addition to your property, but if your spa experience feels like anything but, it’s time to seek professional hot tub repair. Electrical repairs can be dangerous, particularly around water, and guess what — your hot tub has a lot of it! It’s critical that you reach out to a qualified technician rather than attempting any hot tub repairs yourself. Play it safe and get your hot tub up and running again by reaching out to George Winston Plumbing for all your hot tub repair needs. 

George Winston Plumbing’s team of certified and experienced repair specialists will help you identify the issue with your hot tub, offer a fair and accurate price quote, and carry out any necessary hot tub repairs to the highest standard of excellence.

A few common hot tub issues our team resolves include:

Hot tub does not turn on or run. 

Hot tub runs, but doesn’t heat water. 

Hot tub runs, but heats water to uncomfortable or dangerous levels. 

Hot tub makes chattering noises. 

Hot tub leaks. 

Hot tub continuously functions at either high or low speed.

Blower runs continuously.

Blower will not run.

Light won’t turn on. 

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter trips. 

No water flow or reduced water flow. 

Melted insulation.

Burnt wires

Sometimes, hot tub issues are caused by a simple lack of routine maintenance. In other cases, your hot tub may need to have parts replaced or repaired. Whatever your hot tub repair needs might be, consult the experts at George Winston Plumbing to make sure your hot tub issue is resolved safely and effectively. As much as we love to hear from you, our service team will make sure you won’t have to call us again — unless it’s with glowing reviews! 

Your hot tub should be a source of relaxation, not a source of stress. Let us handle the tough stuff so you can lay back and relax. If you’re located in Erie, PA or the surrounding areas and your hot tub isn’t working, call George Winston Plumbing at (814)456-7099 so you can enjoy your hot tub again.