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With some years bringing over 100 inches of snow to the northwestern region of Pennsylvania and the bitterly cold temperatures of Erie’s winters, heating your home or commercial property is both a concern for comfort and safety. During our long winter months, you should be able to rely on your heating system to provide a cozy indoor environment without being concerned of the dangers associated with a malfunctioning heating system.

If you are noticing interruptions in your heating system’s operation, hear unusual noises from your heating appliances or have an aging boiler or furnace that needs maintenance or repair, the George Winston Company is available 24/7 to inspect and service your heating system, so you aren’t left in the cold on a snowy night. Contact us today at (814) 454-0752.

George Winston Company Heating Services

Efficiently heating a home or building requires a heating system that has been properly maintained and repaired when parts or components are no longer functioning at peak performance. However, many property owners fail to have their heating system inspected and eventually face regrettable equipment malfunctions that can lead to a complete loss of heating. Don’t risk having to suffer from a freezing cold living or working space by postponing the crucial heating system service appointment that keeps heat circulating in your home or building.

The highly experienced technicians of the George Winston Company have been providing comprehensive heating services to Erie residents for over 100 years. Whatever your heating system needs, the George Winston Company can maintain, install, diagnose and repair it. A portion of our complete heating services include:

    • New Heating System Equipment & Installation (including energy efficient appliances)
    • Boiler Blower Assembly
    • Water Leak Repair
    • Power Flush
    • Limit Switch Replacement
    • Gauge Replacement
    • Thermocouple Replacement
    • Heat Pump Repair
    • Relighting of Pilot Light
    • Filter Replacement
    • Sensor Replacements
    • Furnace Fan Motor Replacement
    • Blower Motor Replacement
    • Ignitor Replacement
    • Thermostat Replacement
    • Wiring Replacement
    • Bearings Replacement

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As a leading HVAC company in Erie, PA, George Winston Company is committed to offering excellent HVAC services at a fair price. Heating, A/C, and plumbing problems can put great stress on a family home or commercial property, which is why we are available 24/7 for any unexpected emergencies that require our immediate attention. We are the experts of heating, boiler, and furnace repairs, and installation. If you would like your heating system components, boiler or furnace inspected, please contact us today by calling (814) 454-0752. When you call the licensed HVAC professionals of George Winston Company, you can be certain that you will receive a consistent, dependable service every time.