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Air Conditioning Repair Services

With the average summer temperature of Erie, PA, at 79 degrees with over 60% humidity, you can be certain your air conditioning will be running to keep up with the summer weather, especially when the temperature skyrockets to the upper 80s. At the George Winston Company, our professional technicians have been providing superior air conditioning repair services to Erie residents and surrounding are homeowners and commercial property owners. Regardless of what is wrong with your air conditioning, the George Winston Company will be there to address any issue you may be having at a time that is convenient for you.

Top quality, professional air conditioning repair services are only a call away when you trust the George Winston Company. We provide same day service on all makes and models and offer emergency services 24 hours a day on any day of the week. When your central air conditioning or HVAC system isn’t doing its job, you can be certain that we will be there when you need us the most with expert diagnostics and fast, efficient and affordable services! 

Types of Air Conditioning Repair Services:

Whether you are having trouble with sufficiently cooling your home, have noticed unusual sounds when your A/C unit is running or your air conditioning system has failed without warning, we can quickly diagnose and effectively repair your air conditioning troubles by performing maintenance services, replacing specific components or by installing a new unit. At the George Winston Company, our licensed technicians provide air conditioning repair, maintenance and installation services, which include, but not limited to:

    • Performance evaluation and inspection of A/C system, such as outdoor evaporator coils, compressor, refrigerant level, and capacitors

    • Lubrication of bearings

    • Lubrication of outdoor fan motors and fan components

    • Recharging

    • Filter change

    • Cleaning of outdoor coils and condensation drain tube

    • Adjustment of motor mount

    • Parts replacement, such as indoor blower motors, motor starters, water pump, fans, electrical wires and connections, blower components, compressor, tubing, motor bearings, belt, relays, and fuses  

    • New unit installation and duct work

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If your home’s A/C unit is in need of maintenance or your HVAC system requires repair, the George Winston Company has been a trusted name in Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania for over 100 years. Our extensively experienced, licensed technicians will deliver quality workmanship & services in the shortest amount of time possible at a fair price. Contact Us today by calling (814) 454-0752 to schedule your appointment with a company that prides itself on excellence in service, customer satisfaction and a job perfectly done!