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HVAC Summer Maintenance

With summer on its way, Erie, PA, residents may be using their air conditioning unit a little bit more this season, putting stress on their HVAC systems and their wallets. The average temperature of 79 degrees and 60 percent humidity in Erie, PA, may sometimes put a damper on your summer plans outside, but you want to make sure your home is nice, cool and comfortable for those sweltering days. The average household can spend more than $2,200 on energy bills a year and nearly half of that comes just from heating and cooling inside the home.

Lucky, there are some HVAC summer maintenance tricks to get systems running smoothly and efficiently.

Remember to routinely replace your air filters. Doing that can lower your air conditioner’s energy consumption between 5 and 15 percent, saving you some of your hard-earned cash. Also, clean the area around your outdoor unit to make sure that nothing is obstructing it. Keep plants at least two feet away from it and rake up any standing leaves nearby. Check your thermostat to make sure it is set properly and is reading the correct temperature it’s displaying. As always, you should routinely replace the batteries on your thermostat to make sure it’s working. Set a timer on your thermostat to make sure your air isn’t very cold when you aren’t at home, especially if you’re going to take a vacation. Seal your heating and cooling ducts and make sure there aren’t any open spaces around your home. Doors, windows, and even walls should be properly sealed.

Purchasing a new energy efficient air conditioner and energy efficient appliances can also save you some cash in the long run. On average, Energy Star-qualified units can be up to 15 percent more efficient than traditional models.

Lastly, you should get regularly scheduled maintenance from the professionals. If the air conditioning unit in your home is in need of HVAC summer maintenance, the George Winston Company is here to help. We have been a trusted name in Erie and Northwestern Pennsylvania for more than 100 years. Our knowledgeable and licensed technicians will deliver quality service at a fair price and will work efficiently to save you time and money.

Call the George Winston Company today at (814) 454-0752 to schedule an appointment with our extensively experienced technicians. We guarantee we’ll get the job done perfectly for you to make sure you have a happy and enjoyable summer in your cool home.

Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

Summer has finally arrived! The season of heat brings with it a host of fun family activities, from swimming to hiking to road trips. But your active summer life can bring additional strain to your plumbing systems. Homeowners should be on the lookout for these common summer plumbing problems that can cause issues. With some simple changes, you can protect your property from needing repairs, or even emergency plumbing services, this summer. 

Toilet Training

With school out, children spend much more time at home during the summer than any other time of the year. Your toilets are probably getting twice their normal use from this fact alone. To prevent those messy toilet clogs, educate your children about the correct amount of toilet paper to use. Those with very young children should talk about what can-and cannot-be flushed. 

Washing Machine Maintenance

Washing machines are also susceptible to this sort of problem, especially for active families who regularly partake in outdoor activities. Sand, sun, dirt, and water create much more laundry to be washed; as a result, your washing machine will be working overtime. Be on the lookout for leaks in the hose located on the back of your washing machine. If gone unspotted, leaks can quickly flood your house. Leak repairs are much cheaper than flood damage.

Summer Feasts

Warmer temperatures are the perfect setting for get-togethers with your family and friends. When feeding all those hungry people, be cautious of how you dispose of food.  Your sink drain does not subsist on the same types of food people eat. Hard produce, like watermelon and corn, can easily lead to clogged drains and broken disposal systems. Cooking oils are also hard on your drain. Avert drain repair costs by taking extra care of what goes down your drain.

Your Lawn

Water is in demand for household use when temperatures flare. Sprinklers, for instance, present the need for extra attention. Make sure to update sprinkler heads to avoid wasting water. Broken sprinkler heads can cause grass to actually die from overwatering. Whoever mows the lawn should be careful to double-check that sprinkler heads are lowered before proceeding. 

George Winston Plumbing is here to make sure your summer is as enjoyable as possible! We are adept at handling everything from drain and leak repair to emergency plumbing services. Contact us today to learn about preventative behavior to preserve your plumbing system this summer. 

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The Importance of Hiring A Professional Plumber

If you’ve successfully plunged a toilet or sink in the recent past, you might fancy yourself quite the amateur plumber. If you’re equipped to handle a simple clogged drain, why not take more extensive repairs into your own hands? As it turns out, there are many reasons to hire a professional plumber rather than attempting any plumbing yourself. Read on to find out how you can avoid costly damage to your home by hiring a professional plumber. 

Equipment. Professional plumbers come armed with the latest in plumbing tools and equipment, and they know how to use it. If you’re handling anything beyond a minor clog easily conquered by a store-bought plunger, hire a professional plumber to avoid exacerbating the existing plumbing problem. Professional-grade tools in the right hands can handle repair jobs impossible to solve with a layman’s tool belt, and attempting to address a plumbing problem yourself can ultimately result in further damages to your plumbing system and your home. Save money, time and face by reaching out to a trusted local plumber rather than taking a whack (with blunt tools) at amateur plumbing. 

Efficiency. You’ve got a life to lead. Why spend hours on a plumbing repair job when a licensed plumber can complete the same job in a fraction of the time? An experienced plumber won’t just know how to resolve your plumbing concerns, they’ll know how to address problems in the most efficient and effective way possible. Even if you defy all odds and find your own solution to a home plumbing problem, any fix will likely be temporary, and you’ll be back at the job in a matter of days. Get it right the first time by hiring a professional plumber who can provide lasting solutions to emerging or chronic plumbing issues. 

Cost. A do-it-yourself repair job might seem like the thrifty way to go, but even a tiny mistake in your work can result in severe plumbing issues, including leaks, flooding and water damage. If you’re hesitant about hiring a plumber for a relatively small project, imagine how you’ll feel paying for overhaul of your entire plumbing system, a contractor to replace flooring and reconstruct building supports, and a hotel so your family has somewhere to stay while these extensive home repairs take place. Protect your pocket book from costly repairs by hiring a professional plumber before any problems escalate. 

Safety. The structural integrity of your home depends on an expertly-maintained plumbing system. Leaks and flooding can result in extensive repair costs, but even worse, they can pose a risk to the health and safety of your family. In extreme cases, plumbing leaks can lead to structural collapse in your home, but even small leaks contribute to a moist environment — the perfect home for dangerous mold and mildew. Plumbing projects also often require dealing with water in close proximity to electrical systems, putting an amateur just one small mistake away from electrocution or electrical fire. Play it safe by contacting a certified, experienced and trusted local plumber to handle your plumbing projects and repairs. 

Taking plumbing problems into your own hands poses a risk to your home safety — and your wallet. Make the wise choice and reach out to a trusted local plumber who can handle your plumbing problems in a safe, efficient and effective manner. Hiring a professional plumber rather than attempting plumbing repairs on their own will save you time, money and inconvenience. George Winston Company is the premier provider of plumbing services in Erie, PA and the surrounding areas. Trust only the experts with your plumbing concerns and call (814)454-0752 for a consultation.